Radiology Monitor

Coronis Uniti 12MP 33 Coronis Uniti 12MP 33" 12MP diagnostic display system for PACS and breast imaging Coronis Fusion 6MP 30 Coronis Fusion 6MP 30" 6MP diagnostic color display system Coronis 5MP 21 Coronis 5MP 21" 5MP premium diagnostic grayscale display system Coronis Fusion 4MP Coronis Fusion 4MP 4MP multimodality diagnostic display system Nio Color 3MP 21 Nio Color 3MP 21" 3MP high-bright color display Nio 3MP 20 Nio 3MP 20" 3MP diagnostic grayscale display system Nio Color 2MP 21 Nio Color 2MP 21" 2MP high-bright color display system Eonis 2MP 24 Eonis 2MP 24" 24" clinical display for hospital-wide viewing of clinical data and images Eonis 2MP 21 Eonis 2MP 21" 21" clinical display for clinical image review Eonis 2MP 22 Eonis 2MP 22" 22" clinical touchscreen