Medical DVD Recorder
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The simplicity and power of DVD recording - an essential part of your medical imaging system

Sony now makes all the advantages of the DVD format available to clinicians who need to record high-quality images. Fully compliant with latest Medical Devices Directive (MDD) standards, the DVO-1000MD is a DVD Recorder that has been designed for use in a wide range of healthcare environments. It allows recording and playback of images from a wide range of visible and non-visible light modalities. Compact, ruggedly-engineered and easy to use, the DVO-1000MD offers all the benefits of removable disc media over S-VHS tape. These include digital image quality and near-instant browsing and access to files, plus low media costs and reduced library space requirements.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.
Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country
Power requirements
AC 100V to 240V, 50/60 Hz
212 x 128.5 x 382 mm
Recording Format
Video: MPEG-2 compression
Audio: Dolby Digital format
Recording Media
DVD+RW (2.4x and 4x speed)
Medical Standards
EN60601-1, DN60601-1-2, UL60601-1, CSA C22.2 No.60601.1
Supplied Accessories
Operation Manual
Protocol Manual
DVD+RW Blank Disc
Canopus DVD InfoEditor
Editing Software
Analogue Composite Input
BNCx2, with loop-through
S-Video Input
4-pin DINx2, with loop-through
Analogue Composite Output
S-Video Output
4-pin DIN x 1
Analogue Audio Input
RCA Pin x 2 (L/R)
Analogue Audio Output
RCA Pin x 2 (L/R)
Monitor Audio Output
Monitor RCA Pin x 1
i.LINK 6-pin x 1, IEEE1394
Remote Control
RS-232C x 1, D-sub 9-pin
Remote 1 x 1, stereo mini jack (for SVRM-100A and DSRM-10 controllers)
Remote 2 x 1, stereo mini jack (for FS-20 foot switch)
USB 2.0 x 1 (full speed)

Long recording time

The DVO-1000MD provides a long recording time of up to 3 hours on a single disc. Three recording modes are available, depending on the picture quality and recording duration required :- HQ Mode : 60 minutes SP Mode : 120 minutes LP Mode : 180 minutes

Quick random access by title and chapter

The DVO-1000MD makes records as 'Titles' - recording segments from when the REC button is pressed until the STOP button is pressed. Within a Title, you can set 'Indexes' to images of interest by pressing the PAUSE button during recording. A segment between two index points is handled as a 'Chapter'. When playing back the disc, quick access to the top of a title or chapter is possible with the press of a button.

High speed colour picture search

The DVO-1000MD offers +/-3 times normal speed playback as standard. Using an optional control panel such as SVRM-100A or DSRM-10, +/-10 times normal speed playback becomes available with easy-to-use Jog/Shuttle dial operation. Furthermore, a maximum +/-30 times normal speed playback is possible from other medial equipment connected using the RS-232C protocol.

Variety of remote controls

For remote control from other medical equipment, the DVO-1000MD supports the RS-232C protocol - widely used in the Sony SVO-9500MD S-VHS Medical VTR. Three remote control units are also available as options : SVRM-100A, DSRM-10 and FS-20. A USB 2.0 (Full Speed) interface is also provided.

Wide range of inputs

The DVO-1000MD is equipped with a wide range of interfaces including analogue composite, S-Video and analogue audio I/Os and an audio monitor output. An i.LINK (DV) input is also provided, facilitating high-quality digital video recording with minimal signal degradation.

PAL/NTSC switchable

The DVO-1000MD can be operated for both PAL (625) and NTSC (525) systems by a simple menu setting.